Cumberland Baptist Church(865) 584-9129


Pastoral Care

The church is the body of Christ. As members of the body, we know that life sometimes wears on us. Stress, loss, transitions, marriage, career choices, health, aging, and end-of-life issues are just a few of challenges we face in life.

Cumberland Baptist Church is committed to providing pastoral care to families through the ministerial staff and the deacon family care ministry. If you have a spiritual need, please call (865) 584-9129. We are here to help in Christ’s name.


Someone has said, “When we are linked by the power of prayer, we hold each other’s hand, as it were, while we walk along a slippery path.”

Cumberland Baptist Church believes that we can directly communicate with God through prayer. We encourage daily, unhurried prayer to our loving heavenly Father.

CBC provides a prayer room where anyone may go and simply pray before God. Devotional materials available there too.

A Prayer List is distributed church wide on Wednesday evenings and Sunday mornings. To add a prayer request, please call the church office, (865) 584-9129.

The pastoral staff and deacons are available to pray with you. Contact us and we will pray with you and for your need.