T.E.A.M. Classes (Teaching, Evangelizing, Assimilating And Missions)

Singles’ T.E.A.M. Class – Teacher, celi courtney

Each Sunday single adults gathers to open the Word of God, pray for one another, and share a pot of coffee.

College T.E.A.M. Class – Teacher, Nancy Grady(Room 204)

Whether you are at UT, PSSC, KC, RSCC, LMU, SC, JU or any of the other fine colleges or technical schools in the area, this Sunday School Class is for you.

Adult II, Coed II T.E.A.M. Class – Teacher, Dick Sampsel (Room 111)

The Adult II, Coed 2 class is composed of a group of varied individuals and couples. Varied in ages – 50’s, 60’s, 70’s. Varied in work status – many working professionals and many retired. Varied in abilities, but willing to share their talents for God’s glory.

AGAPE  T.E.A.M. Class – Teacher, Mildred Cockrum/Gerri parrot (Room 126)

Our T.E.A.M. Classes, an all female class, numbering about 20, has been together for more than thirty years. In the past, our class was named “AGAPE”, which means loving others as Christ loves us, because we loved all who came unconditionally. We do not go by the name now but the spirit of the name lives on. We continue to welcome anybody interested in joining our class.

We enjoy fellowshipping with one another and sharing God’s love whenever we can. We have become good friends and have grown to love and depend on one another.

The Thanksgivers T.E.A.M. Class – Teacher, Karl Dodson (Room 125)

The Thanksgivers Sunday School Class is made up mostly by the husbands of Mildred Cockrum’s Sunday School Class. It has been my privilege to be associated with this class for about forty years and looking forward to continue serving. We enjoy open discussion of our lessons and praying for the petitions of our members. Thessalonians 1:3, “Always give thanks to the Lord”.

flemingparty3 flemingparty2 flemingparty1Friendship T.E.A.M. Class – Teacher, Juanita Fleming (Room 108)

The Friendship Class features in-depth Bible study, hearty fellowship, and caring members who are focused on loving God and loving one another. You will receive a warm welcome when you attend


Willing Workers T.E.A.M. Class – Teacher, Gayle Caughron (Room 107)

The name of the class says it all! These men are dedicated workers in the church, who know the meaning of sacrifice and service for the cause of Christ and His church. This class encourages conversation and discussion of the Bible.

Adult I Coed I – T.E.A.M. Class – Teacher, Margaret Davis (Room 110)

A class of thirty-somethings discuss raising children, marriage, family, and how the Bible speaks to the modern family in the earth 21st century. You will find plenty of discussion and biblical guidance each Sunday.

High School T.E.A.M. Class & Middle School T.E.A.M. Class – Teacher, Mike Willard (room 205)

Needless to say, this Sunday School class is lively and engaged with learning how to be a disciple of Jesus through the teenage years. Stocked with a pool table, TV room, and a Foosball table, this class brims with excitement and enthusiasm for Christian living.

Children’s T.E.A.M. Class – Teachers, Pat Harrill, Patsy Daniel, Trish Holmes, Randy Holmes, Deb Henry, Sheri Winston, Shirley Kirk (Fellowship Hall)

Motion music, an engaging Bible story time, and creative classes help children learn to live “inside out” for Jesus.

Pre-school T.E.A.M. Classes
Toddlers-4 years old – Teacher, Dottie Sampsel, Shannon sumner

“Train children in the right way, and when old, they will not stray.” (Proverbs 22:6, NRSV)  Give your child an invaluable gift by bringing them with you to Sunday School. They will thank you for it when they are older.

Bed Babies – Teachers, Sarah Davis, and Peggy Reed

Modern nursery area with clean, safe beds. Secure area gives parents peace of mind.

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